Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from my first treatment?

When you arrive we will go through a consulation. The consulation will go through your medical details. We will go through what you would like from the treatment, we will discuss any aches or pains or injuries that you might be experiencing.

What shall I wear to the appointment?

If you have booked for a sports massage then it is best to wear sports gear, shorts and a t-shirt. If you have booked for a swedish massage then you can wear clothing that you are comfortable in.

Will I need to remove my clothing?

You will not be asked to fully undress. If you are having a swedish massage then you will be asked to remove your top and trousers. I will leave the room whilst you are getting undressed and I ask to cover yourself up with a towel before I enter the room.

Will the massage hurt?

The massage shouldn't be too painful. If you are experiencing a sports injury and if require deep pressure then the massage might be slightly painful at times. If you feel the massage treatment is too painful then you can communicate and let me know. If you are having a relaxing massage then the massage shouldn't be painful but a sports massage will be deeper and tender.

How long will the treatment last for?

The massage treatment can be between 30 minutes to 1 hour.